About Us

Our  Mission

Colosseum Group wants to empower people and create opportunities to solve key challenges in various industries using technology in creative ways. Our mission is to collaborate with you on your idea and help make it a reality.

Colosseum Group was created with the intended purpose of helping those with game-changing ideas get off the ground. Since our launch in 2004, we have worked with numerous partners and have created a global network. Our business lines range from accelerator/incubation companies, investments companies, research, engineering, creative and design work, training, and non-profit social endeavors.

We keep it simple

Our goal is to make the complex simply simple. We collaborate with you to bring the proper tech, marketing, sales, and operations into your business without making you feel lost in the process. Whether you’re a techie or strictly business, we break down our business with you in a way everyone can understand.

We believe in transparency

It is important to you and to us that you never feel like you are in the dark about your own company. This is your product, we’re just the catalyst to get it off the ground, we feel that you should be aware of everything going on with your product in all aspects of technology, sales, and marketing. Through the use of effective communication between our core team and your business – we help keep the light on.

We focus on the future

The future involves technology innovation and that is our specialty. We work to stay ahead of the technology curve and bring creative innovative ideas to the market. We work with a variety of companies on AI technology, blockchain, and other disruptive tech ideas.